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2018 Vol.38, Issue 5 Preview Page
October 2018. pp. 63-74

The heating performance of a solar thermal seasonal storage system applied to a 1,320 m2 glass greenhouse was analyzed numerically, and the economic feasibility depending upon the number of boreholes was evaluated. For this study, the gardening 16th and 19th zucchini greenhouse of Jeollanam-do agricultural research & extension services was selected. And the heating load of the glass greenhouse selected was 1,147 GJ. BTES(Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) was considered as a seasonal storage, which is relatively economical. The number of boreholes was selected from 25 to 150. The TRNSYS was used to predict and analyze the dynamic performance of the solar thermal system. Numerical simulation was performed by modelling the solar thermal seasonal storage system consisting of flat plate solar collector, BTES system, short-term storage tank, boiler, heat exchanger, pump and controller. As a result of the analysis, when the number of boreholes was from 25 to 50, the thermal efficiency of BTES system and the solar fraction was the highest. When the number of boreholes was from 25 to 50, it was analyzed that the payback period was from 5.2 years to 6.2 years. Therefore it was judged to be the number of boreholes of the proposed system was from 25 to 50, which is the most efficient and economical.

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  • Volume : 38
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  • Received Date :2018. 10. 02
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